Live Video Chat

Live Video Chat

Check Your Browser and Webcam for Live Video Chat

Follow the steps below to determine if your devices and browsers are compatible with the live  video chat 

1. If you are using IE 11 or Safari on Mac, please download the WebRTC plugin and restart your browser after you have successful installed the plugin.

* Please note that if you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera, you already have WebRTC installed.


The plugin is a one-time install. You might be asked to update the plugin if there’s new updates in the future. It is recommended to keep the plugin up-to-date.

2. Go to the link below and check if your webcam and browser is working with WebTRC


When you are at the page, press the Start button and share your devices, if working, you will see the feed that is streaming from your webcam appearing in the left video box. Press the Call button and you will see the feed appearing on the right video box. If successful, your devices and browser is compatible with video chat.

If you can only see black screen as appeared in Fig. 2, or the page crashes when you clicked the buttons, please make sure your webcam and audio device is working. Also, try using a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera to conduct live video chat.

If you are unsuccessful with initiating live video chat, please try contacting AEIP for assistance or visit us in person or on the phone for our services. 

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